Benefit Enrollment

Open enrollment is a particularly challenging time for some companies. If that's true in your situation, we can help. We have years of experience handling all aspects of the benefit enrollment process for medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability plans, and flexible spending accounts. Whether you combine enrollment for all of your benefits or simply want a convenient solution for you flexible spending accounts, Flex Compensation can help.

As part of our service, we can provide personalized enrollment material and web based enrollment. Each of your employees will know their individual options. We monitor enrollments, verifying that enrollment restrictions are met and that evidence of insurability is provided as necessary. We send confirmation statements to participants, confirming their enrollment choices. And we provide you with payroll information based on enrollment selections. We also handle the electronic interface with carriers and maintain dependent enrollment information.

Let us show you how we can make open enrollment a smooth, trouble-free time for you and your employees.